heritage: 'valued objects and qualities that have been passed down from previous generations'

Our 'Heritage Range' is a bespoke service where we take your cherished items and transform them into something to be loved by your next generation.

Send us your garments and choose from our selection of silhouettes and we will create your unique, individualized heritage piece.

To discuss our bespoke service please call either Rebecca Gallimore on 07958 338019 or Rebecca Roberts on 07973 239409, or email us on


Ganny and Esme's Story

One of our customers first came to us when she was pregnant and keen to buy something special for her first baby girl.  After some discussion, she bought us one of her Grandmother's (Ganny) cashmere jumpers.  When she was a girl, a special treat when staying with Ganny was to choose a cashmere jumper from her drawer and cuddle up for story time with her Grandmother.  Ganny gave her the jumper, a pink cashmere turtle neck, which we transformed into a poncho, pair of bottom patch trousers and a little hat for Esme.  This story to us is exactly what we set out to achieve with the Heritage Range - a cherished piece, with a lovely history, remade by us and passed down to a new generation.   



Alexander and George's Story

Alexander had a favourite tee shirt, worn for years and almost everyday on his honeymoon.  His wife tried to throw it away as it was stained in areas and didn't really 'fit' so well any more.  Alexander came to us and we managed to cut around the stains and remade the tee shirt for little George.