About re-be

At re-be we hate to see beautiful old clothes thrown away just because they no longer fit, have the odd moth hole or just don’t make the style grade any more. So, we salvage discarded garments and vintage fabrics, and upcycle them into gorgeous, sustainable, one of a kind designs for children and babies. In our throw away society and mass produced world we want to pass on a message of kindness and individuality to our children - where clothes are cherished, and pre-loved pieces can be loved again. 

All our products are upcycled using post consumer textile waste, which is carefully quality checked and washed ready to 're-be'.  We salvage as much from each piece as possible, saving smaller off-cuts for our hats and booties.

Initially we scoured local charity shops for our cashmere jumpers and shirts.  As the company has grown we have forged relationships with textile waste merchants, allowing us to support the increase in demand, but following the same ethical approach, with the emphasis on finding beautiful materials that look and feel lovely for children and babies to wear.

All our clothes are unique and handmade in Bath, England. Because of this, you may find that you can't find the item you want in the right size.  Keep an eye on the website which is constantly updated with new pieces or contact us and will try our best to make you something similar for you.



A little bit about the re-beccas...

Rebecca Roberts, a former international hotel interior designer, and Rebecca Gallimore, who spent several years working in the city before re-training as a milliner, have collaborated in their love for creativity and hate of waste, to form re-be.  

Now based in Bath, with five children under the age of seven between them to use as models, they spend their time experimenting with new designs to add to the collection.   


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